Monday, July 24, 2006

Slave to fashion

I have to work today, I'm just trying to get my new freebie posted and out of the way. It's kinda cute if I do say so myself :)
It's based on my red flip flops.
This is interesting, I could never wear nor liked flip flops until this summer, now I'm wearing like crazy, buying all different colors and wearing them with various shorts outfits.
It's cool.
I guess the reason I never considered them before was because I didn't like the way they fit in between the toes. But I tried some on at Walgreens and now I'm a total convert. Flip flops are not like they were in the 70s. They are actually, dare I say, comfortable now.
I was a kid in the 70s so I guess that was the last time I tried any on.
Or maybe my feet are getting tougher, whatever the reason, I am actually starting to collect this cute little type of footwear.
Remember the 80s when those jelly shoes were so popular?? I had like a kabillion pairs of those. They are actually making sort of a comeback as well. But it's just not the same, ya know?
Speaking of 80s fashions, I was in Target the other and browsing through the juniors section because I'm still a kid at heart with no fleshy arms.
Anyway, I just had this eerie feeling, I looked around and noticed that all the clothes were 80s-inspired.
Well, I felt like an artifact to say the least.
I remember wearing the originals with great pride, long checked sweaters, mini skirts with polka dots, argyle.
Unfortunately, I can't wear such recycled clothing, because I remember the original decade and wore the original fashions, so now I'm expected to wear old ladies' clothes I guess.
It's not my fashion rule, just like no white until after Easter isn't either.
It's just one of those RULES that you can't break.
Totally awesome.
I guess I'm a slave to fashion, I think I'll have the word slave tatooed to my face, you know, like Prince. Or whatever his name is now.

Anyway, here is your freebie. I hope you enjoy!!
And don't forget to tell me how wonderful I am. LOL just kidding.
Well, not really.


Anonymous said...

Thank YOU! for sharing your talent. I am enjoying the great gifts!

Vicki said...

Love it! Thanks so much.

Ummaro said...

Thank you...nice bright color for summer.

Heather said...

Hello, thank you for sharing. I hear ya on the flip flop thing. I am/was the same way. But now I love them. They are so easy!

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