Thursday, May 18, 2006

Scream II: Danny's on the Move

Well, Danny is screaming his head off in the other room, and I had a headache to begin with. I told him he lost his computer time because he threw a fit on the way from school. He didn't open the car door in oncoming traffic this time, but he was close. I disciplined him the way the the teacher on The Breakfast Club did. "Say the word ..." So Danny lost computer time for four days, now it's going on five because he refuses to stay in his room.
He's in the hall crying.
I'm trying to remain calm by sitting here typing away, as if everything is fine ...
Ah motherhood, such joy!!!
Now what's for dinner? Hmmm. Maybe meatloaf. When did my life become such a sterotype? I'm also going to make instant mashed potatoes. Wooo.
I don't really have a lot of energy left to type this right now. Anyway talk more tomorrow. Should be fun. More screaming and crying and sterotyped dishes. I posted this pic of Pywacket to make everyone laugh. Including me. Later.

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